There are two important aspects to marketing. One is promoting your site to search engines, the other is promoting your site, and your business, to the public.

I use the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques with proper keywords that help the various search engines find your site and rate it high. I can also submit your site to search engines for a small fee but frankly, that service is becoming redundant as more and more search engines use what they call spiders to crawl the Net and find the info they need.

While a web presence is important, most business also need to promote themselves in the traditional way - through print media.

A good, well-designed flyer or print ad is still a cost-effective way of getting the word around. I use the same philosophy for flyer design as we do for site design, it should be professional-looking, easy to read, and unique. I design most flyers in straight black and white - no gray-tones - so they can be photocopied, which is much cheaper than printing. Colours are eye-catching but on a limited budget, good design still works best.

Below are some links to samples in adobe PDF format so you can see for yourself.

Musical Collectables Show Flyer   Miso four-fold flyer    Antique Fair Ad    Musical Collectables Ad