Edit Your Articles

This tutorial gives you basic information on how to access the Administration area of your site and how to edit existing content.

Go to your site in the normal way, click on the address bar of your browser and add “/administrator” to the end of your site’s address (note the slash at the beginning and you may need to delete something after the “.com” or “.ca” part of the URL before you make the change). When you’re done it should look something like this:


You will then be presented with a page with a sign-in form like this:


Joomla is the name of the CMS. Sign in with the user name and password that was provided separately. If you don’t have one, or have forgotten it, just email me.

Once signed in you will see a main menu page that usually looks something like this (depending on how the site has been set up, there may be more options). Cl;ick on the Article Manager button as shown.


That will take you to a page listing all your articles. There’s a whole bunch of options that we don’t need to deal with right now, just click on the name of the article you want to edit.


That opens the article editing page. The most important part for now is the window in the bottom left corner that contains your article though usually it doesn’t look exactly like it does on your website. You can edit the contents just like any document, delete text, add text, fix my typos etc. Of course there is a lot more you can do but for now, we’ll just leave it at editing text.


When you are done, click the “Apply” icon at the top right, then click the “Preview” link (the one at the very top of the page as shown by the arrow). That will open up your site in another window or tab so you can see if it’s correct. If you’re satisfied go back to the Administration page and click “Close”. Then you can either edit another article or log out from the Administration area.