How To Create Your Own Articles

This tutorial shows you how to create new articles and how to upload and place images.

First, you need to prepare your images. This article assumes you have a basic knowledge of image editing.

If you have an image to use, open it in any image editor and re-size it if necessary so it is no more than 500 pixels wide with a resolution of 72 pixels per inch and place it in a folder on your computer so you know where it is. When you name the image, make sure there are no spaces in the name. If you have several images that you want to appear in the article as a gallery, select all the images in Windows Explorer, right click and select Send to/zip file from the context menu.

Log on to the administration area as usual.

Under the K2 section click the Add New Item button

You will see the same window as when editing an existing item but it will be all blank. Give your article a title; leave the Title Alias field blank. Make sure you chose a category. Your name will automatically appear as the item’s author (though that feature is usually turned off on the web site) but if you really don’t want your name shown, put something else in the ‘Author Alias’ box.

Click the ‘Content’ tab at the top of the editing window and type your content. If you have already created it in Microsoft Word, click the little Word icon at the top left (circled in the diagram), a new window will appear, paste your article in it and close the window.


Click on the Image tab, you will see a Browse button that you can use to browse to the folder where your image is on your computer. Select it in the normal way then click the green ‘Apply’ check mark at the top right. Your image should appear in the window. On your site, the image will be placed at the top of your article and will be re-sized automatically..

If you have more images for a gallery, click the Image Gallery tab and select the zip file you created in the same way. After you click apply, all the images should appear on the screen. They will automatically be uploaded to your site and will appear at the end of your article.

If you want to place individual images inside your article place your cursor where you want the image to appear and click the image icon in the toolbar, which is circled in the diagram below.


It will open a window, click on the Upload button as shown below:


Another window will appear, click the Add button, browse to where the image is on your computer and click Upload.


The original window will re-appear, you can now select your image from the list in the centre window.


At the top of that window you will see an ‘Alignment’ field. When you select an option from the drop-down box the preview on the right shows how the image will align with the text. Try different settings until you find what you like. You should also put a margin (white space) around your image, 2 – 5 pixels is normal. When you are done click Insert, the window will close and you should see the image in the editing window more or less the way it will appear on the site.

Click Apply again and look at your site on line. If you want to make changes just go back to the Administrator section, select the image again in the window and click the same image icon.

Putting titles and commentary on pictures in your image gallery is a bit more difficult. You need to create a plain text file (in Notepad, not Word) that has this format:


The straight line between the three sections is called a pipe character and is made by holding the ‘Alt’ key while you type ‘0124’ (without the quotes). If you’re not comfortable with that just send me a list of the photos and what you want for a title and description. Either way, you’ll need to send me the file you created so I can upload it to the correct place.

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