Pricing and Packages

I offer a very competitive hourly rate but to make it easier to budget, most sites are built under a package price. There are a few and they're quite flexible.

All prices are in Canadian dollars and are subject to 13% HST. Website design packages require a 20% deposit with the balance payable upon successful completion of your site. Hosting, registration and maintenance are payable in advance. All accounts are due within 30 days of receipt of invoice. After that time a late fee of 2% per month will apply.

Work done outside of these 'packages' will be charged at the hourly rate.

Hourly rate - $60.00

Website Design Packages

These packages do not include hosting or registering your site name (URL).

Basic Design and Build: $500.00

This covers everything you need to get a good site ready for the public. It includes front-end design, customized template, colour and layout consultation, formatting and optimizing written content provided by you, photography (for a local site, approximately 5 images) image optimization, Google analytics installed, submission to search engines and training for you. You will also be able to add and edit your own content without any special software or technical skills. Certain specialized applications or software (i.e. a customized flash slideshow) may be extra but these are usually not necessary.

Premium Design and Build: $800.00

This includes the Basic Design and Build package plus extra customization, specialized software, more photography, and logo if necessary. Ideal for larger sites (over 20 pages), e-commerce, newsmagazine sites, multi-user blogs or any project that is more labour-intensive and designed to grow.

Real Estate Package: $600.00

This is much the same as the Basic Design and Build but we also provide about 30 pages of real estate related content. These are articles gleaned from CREA, content providers and many other sources. They are re-written for the local, Canadian market and customized for your use. This is not original material however this package will be sold to only one Realtor site in any particular market. It must be noted that a lot of similar articles exist on the Internet and material provided by CREA is available for any Realtor to use it but the fact is, most don't. If you want a site that is informative and not just a sales brochure, this is the package for you.

Hosting and Registration Options

If you have your own hosting service already you can continue to use it in most cases. If we are building a database (Joomla or Wordpress) site then your hosting service must be technically compatible with those systems (most are). If you don't have a hosting service and don't requite the big, expensive packages most hosting services offer you can use our mini-hosting service, where your site is hosted by our provider,, under our account. In the vast majority of cases this will give your site more than adequate performance and all the features you need at a much lower cost.

If you need a full hosting service (a very large, high-traffic site or for e-commerce) but don't want the bother of setting up your own account on Hostmonster (or any other compatible hosting service) I can still set it up and maintain it for you. The price depends on the cost of the service you choose plus a small administrative fee.

Your URL, or site name, needs to be registered with the proper authorities for it to work. You can do this yourself or I can look after it for you. The URL will be registered in your name (or a name you chose) listing you as the Registrant and Administrative contact and The Web Cobbler as the Billing contact. As the owner, you can change this at any time.

If you have a URL that is already registered and you want us to manage it, it can be transferred to our registrar. To do so you will be required to extend the current registration by at least 1 year. URLs can be registered for up to 10 years in advance, longer registration times do help with your site's ranking in Google searches.

Includes three free email accounts, monthly backup and limited ftp access (if required)
Full hosting managed by The Web Cobbler cost + 10%
Registration .com or .ca URL
Monthly Hosting (for temporary service only) $5.00

Maintenance Packages

Building your site is usually just the beginning; it will probably need updating and maintenance to keep it performing well.

Dynamic sites are constantly changing and unlike older-style static sites, which are built on a computer then uploaded, dynamic sites usually only exist on the hosting server. It is always a good idea to back up your site regularly so in the event of an unforeseen disaster (like a server crash or a hacker attack) it can be restored to functionality quickly.

It is also critical to keep your URL registration up to date because if it expires your site will stop functioning and it is often very difficult and expensive to get an expired URL back.

You also should track your site's statistics. You want to know how popular it is, which pages are visited most and where your visitors are coming from. We install Google Analytics on all sites, a service that provides you with all that data and more but you do have to retrieve the reports, read them and then take action.

If you want people to find your site you need it to be search-engine friendly. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and is an on-going process.

You can do all this yourself but if you'd rather not, we offer the following optional packages.

Basic maintenance    $50/year
  • You get a weekly backup of your site which is stored on a local hard drive and a remote server.
  • Your URL(s) are renewed on time. You are invoiced later by webcobbler.
  • You get a monthly report based on Google analytics – you see what pages are visited, where your visitors are coming from, and what they do on your site.
  • You have access to real life help and support – up to two hours (a $120 value) at no charge
Realtor Maintenance   $60/year

All of the above plus I will periodically add new articles as they become available, keeping your site more up-to-date. I also scan on-line sources for real estate news of both local and national interest every business day then Tweet out links to those stories on your Twitter account, which is also posted on the front page of your site. This helps increase your followers and makes your site a news source that changes every day.

Premium Maintenance   $120/year

For sites that are mission-critical you will need more backup and analysis.
You have everything in the Basic Package plus:
We will backup your site daily and subscribe it to an "uptime monitoring service" to report any an all times it was not available due to Internet or server problems.
We monitor your ranking in Google search results for your chosen keywords and make suggestions to improve your site's standing.

Advanced Training

We will provide you with all the training material you need to manage your site. If you require more advanced training or on-site training for your staff, I am a certified training professional and we can work out a package to suit your needs.