We all know that information is king - your site needs to convey information but a badly designed site will repell visitors, they'll never see your product or your great idea. Your site should also reflect you and/or your business - you don't want it looking like a dozen other sites out there - you want your site to be remembered.

There are seemingly millions of sites out there offering free graphics which can sometimes be useful, but when it comes to your logo or anything else that identifies your site - you want something unique.

If you don't have your own hosting provider and are not really interested in finding one, we have an easy solution.

There are two important aspects to marketing. One is promoting your site to search engines, the other is promoting your site, and your business, to the public.

I offer a very competitive hourly rate but to make it easier to budget, most sites are built under a package price. There are a few and they're quite flexible.